Richard Trupp (b 1973) is a protégée of Sir Anthony Caro

He spent a year under Caro's tutelage before further honing his craft on the works of Jake and Dinos Chapman, Marc Quinn, Edwardo Paolozzi and Rebecca Warren.

Trupp was also drafted in to assist on Caro's landmark Millennium Bridge by the Tate Modern.

Trupp continues in the Caro vein, pushing the possibilities of sculpture forward. His work is rarely self-contained or limited to its own physical boundaries, but frequently seeks to reference aspects of the broader environmental context surrounding it.

Trupp's own art is grounded in a deep respect for the history of sculpture though he is anything but a traditionalist as his sharply crafted pieces and emotive titles demonstrate.

Born in Birmingham, Trupp has been strongly influenced by a city that once rejoiced in the sobriquet 'the workshop of the world.

Richard Trupp has been nominated for the prestigious Jerwood Sculpture Prize